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Southern Baptist officials knew of sexual abuse allegations 11 years before leader’s arrest

Fort Worth Star Telegram, July 2018

Abuse of Faith, Houston Chronicle, February 2019

Southern Baptists Face Calls for Probe into Sexual Abuse Report, Morning Edition on NPR, February 2019

Healing Together: A Guide to Helping Sexual Abuse Survivors by Anne Marie Miller was originally supposed to publish around June 1 through B&H Books, the publishing arm of LifeWay and the Southern Baptist Convention, however we had to end our publishing agreement due to our views of the local church in regard to trauma survivors. You can read more about that here.  The current date for publication will be early summer. The electronic form of Healing Together (eBooks, PDF, etc.) will be FREE and if you'd like a paperback copy, it will only be whatever the print-on-demand cost will be from Amazon.


Author Anne Marie Miller was 16 years old when she was abused by a Southern Baptist Church seminary student and youth pastor who later went on to be a high-level missionary with the International Mission Board, the mission arm of the SBC. 

In 2007, Anne reported her abuse to leaders at the IMB. They conducted an internal investigation which determined she had been abused. However, instead of reporting the abuse to authorities and making sure her abuser would not be in positions of leadership in the church anymore, they allowed the man to resign and to continue pastoring, saying they could face potential lawsuits if they disclosed the abuse. He eventually was promoted to an executive in the South Carolina SBC, where he resigned shortly before his arrest in July 2018.

His arrest arrived at the pinnacle of several other scandals within the SBC denomination. Days after his arrest, SBC President Dr. JD Greear formed a sexual abuse study group and pledged to make significant changes in policies in the SBC in regard to sexual abuse. Currently, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is proposing the revoking of degrees awarded to students who violate their ethical and moral bylaws, and a bill is in the Texas House that would allow faith-based organizations to disclose credible abuse accusations in order to prevent predators from moving along church-to-church.

While these steps are positive changes in the SBC, church leaders and loved ones are often ill-equipped and not resourced on how to help survivors in appropriate ways. This is the goal of Miller's book: equipping supporters & survivors w/trauma-informed resources. 

All electronic versions of the book will be completely free to anyone who wants one. Paperback copies are offered at $4.99. The book will release in early summer 2019.